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Sam Barone as Conan
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Name: Randy Slocum
City: Hoi an
State/Province: Quang nam
Country: Vietnam
Sent: 01/11/2016 07:48:32 pm

I have read all your available books. How about something similar with an Asian or Nautical twist?

Name: Ted Roberts
City: Banbury
State/Province: Oxon
Country: United Kingdom
Sent: 12/14/2015 10:55:51 am

Hi, I have so enjoyed your books about Eskaar and Trella - will there be any follow-on stories?
Name: Rose Norton
City: Leighton Buzzard
Country: England
Sent: 12/07/2015 08:16:34 am

I read the first three books a few years ago and loved them. Last night I started re-reading the first book and had trouble putting it down. Will you be publishing the shorter stories as books and not just kindle? I prefer holding a proper book!
Name: Michael
City: wilmington
State/Province: Massachusetts
Country: United States
Sent: 10/13/2015 05:24:16 pm

Hi Sam,

Huge fan and wondering when your next novel will be out. I liked the SciFi mini and looking forward to the full story but am hoping for a continuation of the land between the rivers series.


Name: Bill Walz
City: Surprise
State/Province: Arizona
Country: United States
Sent: 09/30/2015 09:48:08 am

Hi Sam, I was on a cruise two years ago and while visiting the "new" Alexandria (Egypt) Library stopped at a near by book store and found your book Dawn of Empire in paperback, in English, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Getting ready to leave next week for a cruise through the Suez Canal and on to India and Singapore. I came across via Kindle, Quest for Honor, which I just purchased. It seems a fitting topic for the locale through which we will sail. Also thought I recalled you live in Scottsdale and thought a shout out to a fellow valley resident would be in order. Keep on writing your great novels!

Name: rob
City: London
Country: UK
Sent: 09/26/2015 02:24:51 pm

Hi there,
am a new fan and am confused with the order of your books. Is it possible to let me know the order in which I should read them.

many thanks

Name: Simon Sobo
City: Los Angeles
State/Province: CA
Country: US of A
Sent: 08/28/2015 04:23:51 pm

I just finished "Clash of Empires" for the umpteenth time so I'm curious if you're going to continue the struggle of Akkad with Escander? I hope so. I LOVE your books!
Name: David M. Graham
City: Hendersonville
State/Province: North Carolina
Country: USA
Sent: 08/05/2015 10:34:27 pm

Just finished Battle for Empire and was just as astounded as with the first four books I read a couple of years ago. The stories are appealing and magnificent. Next on my list is Clash of Empires...and then I wait anxiously for any more volumes. Here's hoping...
Name: Andreas Rykkje
City: Bodø
Country: Norway
Sent: 07/20/2015 06:04:36 pm

Just finish reading Battle for empire. I've read alle the other books to. I must say their extremly good reading. I have a friend also who reads your work and we have shared the books between us. So now you now that even in the north of Norway your books are welcome. I hope many more will come in the years to come

Andreas Rykkje

Name: Bryn Townend
City: Auckland
Country: New Zealand
Sent: 07/19/2015 08:23:45 pm

Sam Barone
I absolutely adore your series. I am an avid reader and the series of Eskkar has remained my favourite for a long time. I have sent you an email inquiring about purchasing paper copies all they way down in New Zealand. Might i suggest having a shop setup on your website, i would prefer my money to go directly to you rather than to a random person on Ebay.
Many Thanks for you amazing writing.
Bryn Townend