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Sam Barone as Conan
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Name: Gary Mccuaig
City: Edinburgh
State/Province: Lothians
Country: Scotland
Sent: 05/08/2017 03:03:33 pm

Sam u must do another book one of the best series I've read please don't disappoint us
Name: mugu mmadu
City: newYORK
State/Province: newyork
Country: usa
Sent: 03/14/2017 12:41:50 pm

i lov it
Name: Scott Nietman
City: Kennesaw
State/Province: GA
Country: USA
Sent: 03/10/2017 03:43:58 pm

Sam, I loved you're Eskkar series so much, I have read them all twice and will most likely read them again. I love your style of writing and storytelling. You make reading fun. Thanks for all your hard work. You are AMAZING.
Your biggest fan

Name: Mugu
City: LA
State/Province: CA
Country: USA
Sent: 03/09/2017 01:03:55 pm

Please write another Bracca and Eskkar story, Thank you and keep the flag flying.
Name: mary-anne cox
City: sutton coldfield
Country: uk
Sent: 02/08/2017 07:47:11 am

I loved all the Eskaar books. Any more in the offing or anything similar? What about the grandson's story perhaps? Don't leave your writing desk until this is done!
best wishes

Name: Laurie
City: Melo
Country: Uruguay
Sent: 01/12/2017 07:01:04 am

I stumbled upon your book, Dawn of Empire, in a Historical Fiction B.C. list on Goodreads. I was looking for books to incorporate into my son's schooling to go along with his ancient history studies this coming year period.

I'm presently reading Dawn of Empire (just finished chpt 9) and am thrilled with your writing style! You have a lovely gift of holding the reader throughout, as well as painting a very vivid picture of the scene.

For sure I will be getting copies of your other books. My only regret is that you have not written anything to cover another ancient history time period, which I can use along side the ancient history lessons.

Wonderful story telling! Please keep giving us more!!

Name: Petter
State/Province: Norway
Country: Norge
Sent: 01/11/2017 08:55:27 am

Fantastic Eskkar series! Plans to do some more? Next generation maybe?
Name: Vicki Cornelius
Sent: 12/24/2016 08:25:24 am

Mr. Barone,
I enjoy the Eskkar and Trella series so much...have read each book several times, including the Eskkar and Bracca serials, and just finished Book 6.

I wonder if there are future episodes that continue with either Sargon as ruler or Eskander as the protagonist.
Best wishes for an enjoyable holiday season.
Vicki Cornelius

Name: Antonio Duarte
City: Faro
State/Province: Algarve
Country: Portugal
Sent: 11/20/2016 01:54:48 pm

Since reading The Dawn of EImpire in 2006 I became a fan of your writing. Unfortunately, after 6 years they did not translate the continuation of the saga. Apparently, the publisher went bankrupt, but the truth is that the book has received the best reception (it's been a long haul) from Portuguese readers. So, let me suggest, why don´t you look for another publisher (today I've e-mailed suggesting this to a Portuguese specialty editor, "Saída de Emergência", Lisbon, and hopefully Issue is exceeded).

Name: Rolf Bjerkebo
Country: Norway
Sent: 11/20/2016 06:15:07 am

Mr. Barone, I enorously enjoy yr Eskkar saga, have read all the books many times.
In "Clash of Empires"'s Epilogue (the Lady Trella's talks with their grandson,Escander) you mention/hint at events after "C.of E." up towards the end of Sargon's time.
I sincerely hope you intend to write this story as well!
Best Regards Rolf Bj