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GetAttachment[1]This is my web site, dedicated to the Eskkar Saga. Historical fiction set in the early Bronze Age, these stories and adventures follow the lives of Eskkar, Trella, and all those other men and women struggling to build the world’s first empire during times of great technological change.

Please visit my Guest Book. I look forward to your comments and suggestions, and you may enjoy your fellow readers’ remarks. As the author is playing at web master, I would also appreciate your input on my site. Please email the author with questions or comments at: Remember to include the name of the book in the subject, and please, no attachments.

All of the Eskkar stories are available at, in both print & Kindle editions. Also available at B&N (Nook), Smashwords, iBooks, and other places where ebooks are sold.

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The Eskkar Saga

Book I - Eskkar & Trella - The Beginning - (659 pages)

His family murdered in a blood feud, Eskkar flees his clan to save his life. As he grows from boy to man, Eskkar is forced to live among his hereditary enemies, and each day brings a new challenge merely to survive. Trella, too, finds her wealthy family destroyed, and she must use all her wits if she is to escape the life of a slave.

100k Dawn of Empire

Book II - Dawn of Empire - (483 pages)

Eskkar the barbarian warrior and Trella the young slave girl join forces to build the first walled city. At the same time, they must stop a barbarian invasion, protect themselves from assassination, while they take the first steps on the road to civilization and empire.

8 - Empire Rising
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Clash of Empires - Kindle Front Cover

Book III - Empire Rising - (465 pages)

Continues the story of the struggles to save mankind’s first walled city. Akkad is captured by enemies from within the city, and Eskkar’s pregnant wife is forced to kneel at the feet of her new master. Eskkar must regain his city to save his wife and new-born son.

Book IV - Quest For Honor / Conflict of Empires - (618 pages)

The rise of rival city states in the Land Between the Rivers brings a new enemy and threat to Akkad. Eskkar and Trella must build the world’s first professional army in a desperate effort to save their city from a Sumerian invasion. Available in the UK as Conflict of Empires.

Book V - Battle For Empire - (470 pages)

More than thirteen years have passed since the Sumerian War. Now a vastly more powerful foreign invader threatens the entire Land Between the Rivers. Eskkar and Trella must overcome this new conqueror. They must also find a way to win back their rebellious son, Sargon, whose wild and dangerous behavior threatens his parents’ rule and even his future kingdom.

Book VI - Clash of Empires - (480 pages)

The final clash between two mighty empires. Akkad and the Land Between the Rivers are about to be overrun by a vastly superior invader. Can Eskkar, Trella, and their son, Sargon, find a way to defeat the overwhelming might of the Elamite Empire?

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Clash Of Empires
Book 6 in the Eskkar Saga

Only available as a Kindle singlet. There is a new Eskkar (and Bracca) adventure -- Eskkar & Bracca -- Rogue Warriors 1 tells the tale of how Eskkar once again meets Iltani, the girl he once rescued from bandits. Iltani helped save Eskkar’s life in his first fight, and now that obligation requires that he risk his own life to save hers.

RogueWarriors WEBThis short story (actually 9,200 words) is an entirely new adventure. And included as BONUS material are the chapters from Eskkar & Trella -- The Beginning (for those readers who haven’t read it), where the story of Eskkar’s coming of age as a warrior is related. Click the image to visit the page.

Priced at .99 cents, Eskkar & Bracca -- Rogue Warriors 1 is the start of a new series of short stories featuring Bracca, the Sumerian thief, and Eskkar, the wandering barbarian.  It’s a great way to introduce yourself and your friends to the Eskkar Saga.

Cover art by Trevor Smith Art -

Readers please note - Quest For Honour is a reprint of Conflict of Empires, published in the UK. It is not a new Eskkar and Trella story.

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First Prize - Published Fiction

Conflict of Empires from UK

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Interested in the backgrounds, my personal thoughts, historical facts, and excerpts from any of the stories? Follow the links to learn more about Eskkar’s journey from boy to wandering mercenary as he travels the Land Between the Rivers, always struggling to stay alive.


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